Ask Box! DO IT. :]   Sup. I'm Anne Marie. I'm 4' 10 1/2''. I'm loud. I'm exciting. I mostly post about Disney, Marvel, and my Justingg. I love music, movies, awesome shows, and comics. I also make some cute bomb-diggity clay charms.Loki. Iron Man. Mulan. Ariel. Tron. Uke. Justin Olaso 022710<3. My Disney Pin Collection.

07.07.10 To my dearest Justin Olaso, Why are you so great? Thanks for all the love and care for me. Thanks for doing everything that you've done. Even when I don't want you to do it -ahem spending money-. But that's fine. Cause I love everything you do and everything about you. Never ever ever change for me or for yourself. Cause you're a 10. And I'm a 4. Stay tall. ...Not like you can get shorter. Haha, anyways. I love you a lots. Thank you :] UROSM<3
Love, Bestestestestestest.




Justin Lynch beating Michael Phelps record at just 16

black! Excellence!

*fans self*

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the funniest thing is that the tattoo actually reads “part of an asshole race”


more accurate is “Member of asshole race”

No chill

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